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There is a new version of the SharePoint Farm's Logs Collector!!! that I have renamed in SharePoint_FLC.

 In this version you can run the script like a command line. We have the following parameters:

-user: user with administrator right on remote servers of the farm

-NoEvents: $true if you don't want to download again Application or System logs

-EventsDir : UNC path to save all collected logs 

-IISdate: define granularity for IIS logs files, ie can be without any value, 14 for all logs from 2014, 1407 for all logs from July and 140730 to get all logs from 30th of July 2014. IISdate is optional and if you don't want IIS logs just dont specify this switch

-ULSstarttime: start time for the merge-splog command

-ULSendtime: start time for the merge-splog command  

.\Sharepoint_FLC.ps1 -user contoso\admincc -eventsdir "x:\collectfarmlogs\logs" -IISdate 140911 -ULSstarttime "09/30/2014 18:30" -ULSendtime 09/30/2014 19:30 -NoEvents:$true

You are still prompted to give the password for the administrator account, I think it‘s more secure than adding it in the script or in the command line

the other switch IISdate, ULSStartTime and ULSEndTime are optional


You have an extended farm and you need to collect logs in each one of your 5, 6 or 10 servers.
It's a waste of time to logon one by one to do that!!
With this script you can collect Farm's Logs to a centralized place.

This script permits to connect to every server's farm and gather the most usual logs like:

• ULS logs in a merged way depending in start and end time
• IIS logs based on date that can be Year, Month or Day
• EventViewer logs like Application and System

All this logs are saved in a single folder and are all identified by the server name.

Any contributions would be welcomed!

Miguel Godinho



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